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  • Javier Romano

The magic of Quaternity (right-brain checkmate)

We can learn much looking at our own games and other games. What did we/others do well? What could have been done better? Where there missed checkmates?, etc.

Once in a while “forget winning/losing” (binary mode) and experiment with joyful innocence. This allows the right-brain mode.

See a game example here:

A rare 1st direct checkmate, to the right, (more difficult) where I tried to allow my “right-brain” to take the lead, (i.e: not being over defensive; not caring about exchanging/losing pieces; early exposure of the queen and letting it flow around (you “feel things in positions” and “interpret momentum”).

Eventually the other players’ movements unwillingly cooperate to permit the queen perform the unlikely checkmate.

But you have to be bold, take risks and trust.

Sounds like Life itself.



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