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                             About Quaternity Chess

The background of this game

"Quaternity Chess was born, after a long labour, one evening in January 2014 at a rest stop on a caravan in India — Rajastan to be more precise. As with all births a story preceded. Elements of this story were brought together by the four of us there that evening, and indeed these elements or chapters can be seen reflected in the game itself.

I knew that Afghan Chess, or Quaternity Chess (as we call it now) had evolved. I knew that there had been, indeed still are, many precursors and variants to the ‘modern game’. It had been played with twelve or six pieces, with ‘elephants’ and ‘emperors’, with 2, 3 or 4 armies and even with one army surrounding another as a starting position."


                                    Introduction to "Quaternity Chess" International Rules (2016)