Quaternity Chess
International Association

  The aims of the Association are:


. To promote, teach and expand Quaternity Chess worldwide

. To exclusively set-up and, if necessary, change the international rules of

  Quaternity Chess, including the tournament and the ethical rules.

. To exclusively organise official international tournaments and to grant the

  rights for organising national and local official tournaments.

. To run and communicate individual rankings, set-up and supervise refereesʼ

  schools and exclusively issue refereesʼs licenses.

. To conduct master chess classes, distribute information, distribute and sell

  books and other documentation and organise official tournaments.

Useful Links

Useful links

Quaternity Chess online App

A Quaternity chess app is being developed at the moment,
so the general public can enjoy this game also online.
Keep checking our site for news of its release.

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Online Tutorials

We are working on an edition of easy-to-follow game tutorials, either as online videos or in print, based on our experience both as instructors and players.

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Quaternity Clock App

A specially designed application to time your games.

All four smart phones or tablets can be synchronised to automatically transfer the turns to make a move.

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How to play

The book of the International Rules -included

with the purchase of the Quaternity Chess set-

will show you how to start playing straight away

from day one.

Quaternity Chess is very entertaining, it does

not require to be experienced with traditional

Chess, although it does help to be familiarised

with the basic movements of the pieces.

Whether you played chess before or not it would

make little difference with Quaternity and in

some ways it's best to start with a fresh mind.

This is a game of 'all against all', far more

challenging and entertaining than any other

board game.

The Chess set on sale here has been specifically

designed for International tournaments as well

as for home recreation.

Order yours now.. 

and start having fun with your friends!