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  • Javier Romano

Quantum Evolution

“O’ day, arise! shine your light, the atoms are dancing;

thanks to Him the universe is dancing, overcome with ecstasy.”


Rumi. Mathnavi

Quaternity is an instrument of silent transmission that can transfer energy and a special kind of information (or even knowledge), as long as the players persist in this practice and are properly attuned to the game. The minimum requirement is frequent participation, which seems to activate the key function of this mechanism. Concentration on the game with the right attitude helps to establish a unique resonance between the transmitting source and the receivers. While the mind (to some extent the ego) is engaged and absorbed in play, the “more subtle faculties of the human can operate and inform the Consciousness.” [1]

  The internal senses or organs of perception (even in an incipient form of development) are the channels through which that subtle type of information can be transmitted. What is received does not necessarily become part of the conscious knowledge of the player, although it may occasionally do so in some individuals, filtering into the rational mind and producing some form of understanding of both the underlying principles of the game and some general laws of Universal Reality —also known as “Divine Wisdom”— directly linked to energy, frequency, and vibration (Tesla).

   The term “checkmate” is usually associated with death, as if something negative has happened, (Shah mat in Persian means that the King is dead, or better still —according to another translation—, he is “immobilised or frozen”). This is but the manifestation of a deeper reality. There is a new birth every time there is a checkmate in Quaternity; a birth of a form of energy. The movement of the game is clockwise. It generally starts at a slow speed (I like to call it the “ceremony of the Minuet dance”), but gradually reaches a faster pace and there is a sense of momentum as the end, the conclusion is near. There is a moment of great tension that seems to produce new and unimaginable refined shapes and design combinations on the board. This process can be likened in some ways to a highly sophisticated energy “collider”, but instead of fragmenting matter by reducing it to its minimum expression, new energy is generated that contributes to the expansion of the Universe. Here is an accepted definition of a “collider”:

   “Colliders are used as a research tool in particle physics by accelerating particles to very high kinetic energy and letting them impact other particles. Analysis of the by-products of these collisions gives scientists good evidence of the structure of the subatomic world and the laws of nature governing it.”

But this game can also be many other things, all interrelated, and one particularly interesting aspect of it is that it can be compared to a “blender” or a “pot”, where all the ingredients (the different players) are combined in a single vessel and, as the game progresses, the “Master Chef”, a higher force operating and intervening in the process, —which should not be confused with “chance”— stirs the mixture with a clockwise rotating motion while the temperature gradually raises. It is a sophisticated way of preparing a meal, if you will, only “we” are the ingredients. And so we can “become a worthy meal... one fit for the King”, as a good friend would say.

   Winners can vary and alternate in unexpected ways; the game is, by definition, unpredictable. Regular and experienced players are certainly more likely to win one or more checkmates, but this is not guaranteed and often an inexperienced player can make a big difference just by participating. What might be considered a bad move in traditional chess (against all logic) gives Quaternity a whole new flavour to the game and generates unthinkable results. There is no linear thinking that can comprehend this game in its infinite nuances, as is the case with chess. And this is the beauty of Quaternity.


Come and join in the REAL fun: the particle accelerator will show you, not only what time-travel is —a mere child’s pastime— but what it means to dissolve into a larger matrix and then another and then another and another to infinity and back to your seat.

But first… buckle up, make sure you get your affairs in order down here and take a deep breath.

You don’t have to worry about movement; the transporter will do all that for you; just play, learn and enjoy, the rest will be taken care of by the Hadron Collider, which seems to have been designed for this inconceivable task, among others. It can carry countless passengers at the same time (since “time” does not exist): old, young and middle-aged, believers and unbelievers. You will feel the supersonic speed like a light breeze on your face and a myriad of shooting stars will greet you with a welcoming cosmic smile.

[1] A. Shah. Intro to “Rules of Quaternity”.



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