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  • Javier Romano

♔ Reflections on Quaternity ♕

The diagnosis:

“The mind doesn’t want “change”; once it gets to a safe position, and “understands” something, it wants to keep it “safe”, “sure”, “fixed”. It happens with all systems: social, cultural, religious, political. Tradition adds an unconsidered fact in all these systems: Evolution. The concept of evolution requires the acceptance of almost constant change”.

A. S.

The remedy and the tool:

“Chess was used as tool to so completely occupy the Human organism, to so completely fetter the Ego, that its practice allowed the more subtle faculties of the human to operate and indeed inform the Consciousness”.

Introduction to Quaternity International Rules. A. S.

The traditional background:

‘…Now you can start to learn. Unless your attention had been fixed upon the birds and animals, your real mind would not have been able to solve this problem of understanding. Attention demands an object, as an arrow demands a target’.

Target. The Dermis Probe. I. S.

The general view:

‘The link of the Sufis with us is at a subconscious level, of which we are generally unaware. If it breaks through to the conscious level, so much the better; it helps us to make sense of things and use what they are giving us. But from their point of view this is irrelevant. The subconscious level with which they are permanently communicating is an organ of deeper understanding, so it is as if we are travelling on two sets of parallel tracks at the same time. Both are necessary.’

The Steganographer VI. O. H.

The applied method:

By focusing the capacity of attention fully on an object, in this case Quaternity, — with its constantly changing scenario — the inner senses can operate informing the Consciousness, i.e., allowing and eliciting deeper understanding, as if indirectly. In this case the attention is intentionally ‘diverted’ —bypassing the rational faculty— to facilitate the unfolding of a subconscious process of cognition which can then take place imperceptibly and unobtrusively.

At the same time, the focus of four concentrated attentions turns this process into a group learning activity, both internal and external, resulting in an exponentially greater harmonisation.

The symbolic meaning of the chess pieces and their combination of moves on the board contain codes that are being communicated — downloaded — simultaneously to the minds of the players.

Each game played, unique in its kind, acts as a collective creation, like a score that generates a new and original song. The sum of all games played contributes a particular, well-defined resonance and vibration to the overall cosmic symphony, gradually amplifying the bandwidth of Consciousness. The individual minds also contribute to the evolution of the game — nourishing each other — making it alive and enriching its mechanism; updating and renewing its developmental potential; each time activating its subtle influence as a teaching tool.

Javier Romano

June 2022

♕ ♔



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