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  • Javier Romano

A Guessing Game

In the novel “The Mines of Light”, Miska and Minoo are playing their favourite game, a guessing game, where ‘instead of not knowing the answers, they didn’t know the question, because the answer was always the same’.

The game was called ‘Questions to which the answer is mongoose.’

Here’s another answer. Can you think of more questions?

Questions to which the answer is Quaternity

“What activity brings friends together like no other? - Quaternity

“What game is a teaching instrument but it doesn’t seem to be so? - Quaternity

“What game has been designed to be played for the next 800 years? - Quaternity

“For Dinosaurs to evolve into Songbirds, what do they need to practise? …

“What game can help communities round the world to intermingle?” …

“What activity could be of great benefit if implemented early on in primary schools? …

“What game has been created to influence people positively?

“What game can teach you the right kind of ‘Submission’ to a Higher Power?”

“What can help you to be more flexible and attentive?”

“In what game you will find all the answers on the board?

“What game brings you to the present and helps the activation of your inner senses?

“What activity contributes to transforming you (‘cooked’ and ‘eaten’) while you play?

“What developmental activity can be an equivalent of the dervish whirling of the 13th century?”

“What is that instrument that shows you to yourself?”

“What takes you beyond linear and binary and into holistic experience?”

“What can be instrumental to assist you in your deconditioning process?”

“What regular exercise can help enhancing your perception?”

“What can be instrumental in connecting and balancing your brain hemispheres?


Please suggest other possible questions and let me know by using the message form in this website.



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