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  • Javier Romano

Understanding the Game

"There is no wisdom in fighting fire with fire.

You are being tempted to engage in the battle – to jump into the fray, shouting and yelling.

We have repeatedly emphasised the futility of this approach.

Fighting your opponent is not a strategy upon the wisdom path.

But out-manoeuvring and out-playing your opponent is.

Consider a game of chess. Your opposing pieces do not touch, do not scuffle, or engage in physical combat.

The wisdom is behind the hand that makes the moves.

The wisdom is in positioning yourself beyond the reach of your opponent.

In the regular game of chess, there are two sides facing each other.

Yet the Game has changed.

There are no two ‘opposing teams’ in this Game – there are multiple.

Each side has their own agenda – shows their own colours – and they await in all available corners.

The complexity of the game-board has risen considerably.

Time to outsmart by the wisdom of understanding the Game rather than going in ‘to attack’ through the old ways. “

Kaleb Seth Perl. “Welcome to the Machine”. A Revolution in Human Becoming

This fragment from 'Welcome to the machine', summarises precisely what happened with the advent of Quaternity.

And yet, the author -as far as I know- has no knowledge of our game.

This is not surprising for two reasons: first, if we consider that our new form of chess is or was, above all, a mental construct that originated in another dimension and fits perfectly with our world as it is now, immersed in a quite radical change that renders obsolete previous models considered untouchable until very recently.

We —I mean 'average' human beings— don't know what's going to happen in the near or far future, but I am quite sure that the intelligence that created this game was looking far beyond the present time.

The potentiality, therefore, of this game is yet to be seen. Nevertheless, the ones that are already playing on a daily basis, since about 5 or 6 years, can affirm that something magnificent has landed to stay. And we can feel an exciting thrill sustained by a deep silence.

Secondly, it is not surprising also because a few sensitive, intuitive beings have already envisaged what is happening at a higher level and can describe for the rest of us, with less vision, what the main coordinates are in order to get us prepared for what is coming. The Universe is provident. The analogy of Chess is appropriate, the necessity of using peripheral view by starting to develop new 'organs of perception' rather than charging only in one direction becomes more urgent an asset to possess.

The 'old ways' are clearly represented in the traditional game of Chess to the point, I suspect, that regular chess players are probably feeling that another dimension should be added to their very predictable —even if very intelligent— entertainment.

I wouldn't be surprised, though, if what 'happens' on the Quaternity board, was only a reflection of some real event up there that configures, symbolically, a whole range of planetary effects. But we don't need to know that much, just understanding 'this' game might prepare us to 'understand' that Game, the Real one.

"In it what is in it", as it translates Rumi's book "Fihi ma Fihi'.

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