Quaternity Chess complete set

Quaternity Chess full set (3 cases + Book of Rules)


The full set consist of 3 cases, a large one for the chessboard

and two small ones for the chess pieces.

International Rules book included.


Product description:

Chessboard (foldable)

  • Materials: core in MDF, Veneer laminated (Maple and Rosewood)

  • Size: Two foldable rectangles of 72.4x36.2cm

       Total size opened: 72.4x72.4cm

       Letters A-L & numbers 1-12, laser engraved.

  • Base in brown velvet lining.

  • Case: wood with black velvet inside.

  • Size: 76x40x5cm 

  • Weight: 9kg



  • Material: coloured polyresin with added weight.

  • Model: stylised Staunton

  • Weight: King = 103.5g

  • Height:  King = 11cm

  • Base: pads in black felt.


Cases (for chessmen)

  • One for Black & White pieces 

  • One for Red & Green pieces

  • Material: wood, with a laser-cut foam insert to hold the pieces in place.

  • Handles/hinges in brass.

  • 34 pieces per case = 16 of each colour + 1 extra Queen per colour

  • Total pieces = 68

  • Case size: 51.5cm x 34.5cm x 7cm

  • Weight: 3kg